This question's original title was:

Proper way to "Link" 2 image frames together to create a thumbnail version of that image frame (that auto-updates)

Which made it too wide for the width of a question (I have since changed the title to a more appropriate title).

The problem is, with the original long title, the end of the question title was cutoff. On other StackExchange sites like StackOverflow these titles automatically flow to a new line - and thus all of the title can be seen.

Are the titles on GD.SE supposed to be the way they are or are they supposed to overflow like on SO?

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This bug is now fixed, it will be live after our next production build.


Definitely a bug. #question-header 40px is wider than #content due to the 20px padding.

Screenshot: div#question-header

Screenshot: div#content

Changing the width of #question-header to 940px should do the trick:

Screenshot: recommended fix


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