I flagged this question, a migrated question, as a duplicate of this question by the same guy because they're exact duplicates. It is now closed as a duplicate just as I flagged.

However, my duplicate flag was declined. Can someone explain why this happened?

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    I won't do it just yet to avoid any more confusion, but for these migration situations you can alternatively flag for mod attention and suggest a merge of the two questions so we can have all the existing answers in the same place
    – JohnB
    Oct 27, 2014 at 14:21

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It might have been removed when I was trying to migrate the answer to that question to the other one because a member was rep'd it could have declined it. Once the answer is migrated from that question the question will be deleted because I think the OP isn't aware that duplicate questions aren't allowed on multiple stack sites.


I think it takes a mod to close duplicates if they are migrated questions. - A mod migrated it, so only a mod can say it's a duplicate - Just guessing though. If you'd have flagged the non-migrated question, the close vote would have been accepted.

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