I would appreciate some clarification on why my question - Why is “scaling”, for raster images, recommended to design large Images? - is still being considered a duplicate of this question.

Since posting here, I have edited and refined my question more. Moreover, it is really irritating that there are some good answers in the comments. If the question wasn't tagged a duplicate and closed, these could have been the answers and be a useful resource for many.

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Even looking at your original it seems slightly different but this is community driven so others may not have taken it that way. To be fair though while I don't see it as a duplicate I do see it as barely a design question.

In any case, your question was reopened now, so maybe it was just taking some time to get approved. We're not all on over the weekend.


I think the issue I had was your choice of wording. Either I read it wrong or the wording was not at all clear regarding what you were asking. I was looking forward to you editing and rewording as DA01 suggested. But I guess, that wasn't really a priority.

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