While the beta is at a very early stage, there are a lot of questions which seems to come under the heading of 'anything about graphics' rather than what I understand as graphic design.

It occurs to me that the Area 51 definition rather depends on one's understanding of 'graphic design'.

Should we define it - and if so, how?


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Not necessarily.

I think the site definition is best formed from several on-topic definition questions, from which we can start to form some sort of consensus about What should our FAQ contain?

Also, I think it is better to focus on defining this site rather than judging: "this is graphic design" and "that doesn't belong to graphic design".


After seing the status and number of questions in these first days ... Broaden the topic a bit and relax it might be needed for surpassing beta. Dunno, maybe I am wrong. This as well might imply to have also a more relaxed closing criteria. Not meaning to leave the site in the wild, though...


To be aware of more discussions and opinions about this, a bit to collect several questions related to this, would be convenient to read:

Is 3D on-topic?

Should this SE site include Technical Questions (IE Photoshop, etc)

Or if questions about Blender or 3D in general are ok to be closed, etc.

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